The Famous tow-penny Mauritius stamp

1) The Famous two-penny Mauritius stamp

Mauritius Stamp – Nelu Ivan – Braila


2) Timbru Mauritius 2 Penny – Licitatie Londra


3) Timbru Mauritius 2 Penny – Muzeu Mauritius


4) Timbru Mauritius 2 Penny – Plic



Mauritius two pence held by The M.S. Queen

he Famous tow-penny Mauritius stamp


Is the first colonial stamp issued and, practical, fifth issue of postage stamps in the world. These famous stamps
were issued after 1840 England, Switzerland-1843, U.S. and Brazil -1846. Mauritius on 21 September 1847 made famous post office stamps by a penny and two pence, in a very limited circulation.

Mauritius 2 pence Postmark history

These stamps have a unique story in the history of stamps.
We are in the British colony of Mauritius, in 1847. At that time the island was ruled by a governor. Governo`s wife – Lady Gomm – scheduled an evening (or ball) where he was to invite more people. Lady Gomm thought to do some stamps to decorate envelopes with invitations.

Mauritius 2 pence is owned by HM Queen.
This is the two pence stamp found in my collection.

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Achievement of postage stamps and Bernard`s error

Lady Bernard Gomm called to her an artist – Joseph Bernard (painter and engraver miniature -1816 to 1865) and ordered the postal stamps.
Painter Bernard printed them in his home in Port-Luis on copper plates and printed 500 pieces of each value, a very small circulation, hence their rarity.
Outside the small circulation, fame of these marks is also due to the mistake made by engraver. While engraving plates, Bernard Joseph with the view of post office, seeing its logo hanging, was the victim of a misunderstanding, so instead the words “POST PAID”; (Franco) applied on stamps inscription “POST OFFICE”;

Mauritius 2 pence mark description

I will talk about two pence stamps found in my collection since 1977, inheritance from my father. Mauritius stamp is not printed with ink on paper, he is done with paint applied on paper, made by lithographic system of three parts;
- fund – created manually on each stamp on the same principle, but not perfectly identical to each other;
- Queen’s portrait – applied in the center where the painter Bernard shows his skill
- environment – most prominent, with blind writing (writing is the background paper)
To check the authenticity of such a stamp, one of the method is check with tweezers the paint on paper, which is in relief, because the writing is embossed, the walls letters will stop the tweezers . We can say more. but this is a simple explanation, given for dummies. Stamp owned by the Queen and myself have wide side compared with other known brands. Therefore, is more valuable than others.
These stamps, real miniature paintings, are a rare beauty.

I will sell this stamp, a miniature painting, because the postage stamp of HM Queen of England is estimated at 2.5 million Euro, I‘ll offer for sale at 2.1 million Euro.

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